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Biroaș Eusebiu

Eusebiu Biroas

Game programming is probably the hobby which brings me utmost satisfaction.

Although people say that I’m reinventing the wheel, I find satisfaction in building my own game engine, I like to indulge myself in every detail and to contemplate on every  single part of building a video game.

Unfortunately as high is the satisfaction so little is the time that I can devote to this activity, thus this site was born for keeping track of my

progress like in a journal with tutorial posts, being more easy to resume my progress after a prolonged period of pause.

What games do I like

The only games which are able to arouse my interest are: Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne.

I play with friends: Street Fighter, Pro Evolution Soccer, Mario Kart.

What books do I like

Generally I read science-fiction,  cyberpunk being my favorite sub-genre, but I like also writings which have psychoanalysis as subject, analysis of the unconscious.

Favorite Authors: William Gibson, Isaac Asimov, Sigmund Freud.

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PlayStation 4: AngeReve

Wii U: AngeReveur


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