Challenge Contest – Super Santa Bros Bonus

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In the top image you can see how I organized my ideas when I started to work on Super Santa Bros, initially I wanted the main level to be a cooperative one between Santa and Mario, what I actually implemented for the contest should have been the intro level of the initial thought game.

In short about the intro level, while Santa was delivering the presents a big storm came in which Santa was struck by lightning and shot down to the ground, moment in which Mario would have made his appearance helping Santa to recover by giving him a Magic mushroom.After that, Santa and Mario would have started together an adventure in which they would have been challenged by many obstacles being necessary an active cooperation between them two, here I was thinking to offer the possibility of a local coop in which one player to take control of Santa, and the other one of Mario. as default Mario would have been controlled by AI.

At the end of the level Mario should have arrived to Peach’s castle and offered her a mega gift. Down bellow you can see the alpha version of the level.

Here you can see the final result of the little game for Challenge Contest

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