The Week Of Awesome III – Death is useful – Day 3

In day 3 I managed to bring the first enemy in the world.

I found a nice imp enemy on belonging to William.Thompsonj as contributor and Redshrike as graphic artist.


I implemented the first encounter of the White Knight with the temporary immortal enemy and a stamina bar for the hero’s weapon, if the hero will consume all his weapon’s stamina he will need to wait until is fully charged before being able to use it again. I implemented also a hit animation, when our hero is hit he will jump few steps back in pain:

Time management

Today I was disorganized, I didn’t used the Pomodoro technique…

I will end the development day early because a friend comes to me to give me a Ultra Street Fighter IV rematch.

I’m contemplating if I should skip gym the next 2 days and give more time for development… hmm.

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