The Week Of Awesome III – Death is useful – Day 6

In Day 6 I managed to implement a lot of things: the background music, sound effects, the score system, death counter  and some part of the final boss battle.  I had a little fun and I put also my voice in the game 😀 :


I want to go more on the idea that the rewards received from Death alter the difficulty levels, so in the final version it should work like this:

– easy difficulty reward: the user receives 2 extra lives and many checkpoints

– medium difficulty reward: the user receives extra weapon stamina and some checkpoints

– hard difficulty reward: weapon stamina is halved, no checkpoints and a timer appears on screen which needs to be refilled by killing enemies

I would try also to reconfigure a little the level, I feel that the encounter with Death is very early on, maybe I should move it a little more far away.


Sound effects credits:

Snow footsteps: Jute 

Projectiles: Michel Baradari

Main BGM: jobromedia 

Death encounter BGM: Gianmarco Leone

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